Qaanaaq New Year’s Celebration

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Party like a narwhal on New Year’s Eve! Since the tasting room can only stay open until 9pm, we will be counting down at 8 PM, which is New Year's in Qaanaaq, Greenland. All 16 taps will be filled with tasty new pilot batches, favorites from throughout the year, and more fun variations. It'll be a great opportunity to grab a pint early in the evening and pick-up a growler or some cans on the way to your final party destination of 2013. RSVP on Facebook.

Anticipated tap list:

  1. Lomaland saison
  2. Fortunate Islands hoppy wheat
  3. Black House oatmeal coffee stout
  4. Blazing World hoppy amber
  5. Lost Horizon double IPA
  6. Southern Lands 100% Brett Trois IPA
  7. Blazing World w/ spruce tips
  8. Black House w/ whole nutmeg, whole allspice, cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger root, & vanilla beans (i.e. "Pumpkin Pie Black House")
  9. Black House w/ toasted, shredded, unsweetened coconut & Ghanaian cocoa nibs
  10. Black House w/ Vermont maple syrup & Ghanaian cocoa nibs
  11. Pilot Batch #4: Amarillo/Mosaic Pale Ale
  12. Pilot Batch #5: Farmhouse IPA
  13. Pilot Batch #6: Belgian Pale Ale
  14. Pilot Batch #7: 100% Chinook Brown Ale
  15. Pilot Batch #8: Belgian Strong Red Ale
  16. Pilot Batch #9: 100% Nelson Sauvin Leaf IPA

Christmas Fiesta!

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Is there a better way to spend Monday, December 23rd than partying with us at the brewery? There is not. It was a rhetorical question. Think about it: it's the day before Christmas Eve. You either don't have to go to work the next day, or you will get nothing done if you do. Might as well drink some rad beer and put on your raddest Christmas sweater (bonus points for sweaters with working lights or bells) to party at the Lomaland Fermentorium. We'll be tapping a cask of Black House w/ orange & chocolate and a keg of Blazing World w/ spruce tips, both of which will be fully awesome.

It's the same night as our Monthly Homebrew Competition, too, which'll add to the conviviality. We'll also be announcing the winner of our holiday watercolor painting contest, which has led to the creation of an impressive array of mostly SFW paintings now hanging in the hallway. All in all, it'll be a real good time, and we'd love to see your shining face there.

Christmas Decoration Time!

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It's always been my goal to make our tasting room a social, interactive space. Instead of the dead air that results from people silently staring in unison at a flat screen, I want the Lomaland Fermentorium to be a space for creativity, engagement, and conversation. And beer drinking.

Towards that end, we have an ever expanding roster of activities to enjoy while drinking our tasty, tasty beer. This week we felt like upping the ante a bit. We bought a bunch of arts & crafts supplies, and we're asking your help in decorating the tasting room with them. We're loosely going for a holiday theme, but we'll take almost anything creative and interesting. Just ask the bartender for supplies.

We recently set-up our water color painting station as well. For just $2, you get a piece of watercolor paper, paints, and brushes. We've already had some charmingly bizarre paintings completed, which are now hanging in the hallway. Best holiday-themed water color that's painted within the next week gets something awesome!

You may have also seen our free lending library, which offers you the opportunity to read an outstanding book or comic book simply by requesting one from your bartender. I can personally vouch for everything on this shelf. Each book is selected for maximum awesomeness & gripping entertainment value. If it's been a while since you sat down with a truly fantastic book, this is a marvelous opportunity to give it another try, with a beer in your hand.


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Late game addition to the blog, but if ya haven't heard, we're having an epic Chanukah party tonight. Anybody who comes dressed as a Maccabee or Pharaoh gets a free high five!

Southern Lands, Lost Horizon, And The Future Of Funk

On Dec 2, 2013 - 4 Comments -

As has been pointed out to me over on Facebook, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. This is quite true! Between the enormous effort all of us put into the can launch, and now the enormous effort all of us are putting into our forthcoming Los Angeles/Orange County roll-out, the blog—among other things—has been neglected.

Well, the drought ends here. I’m going to talk about two recent special releases we’ve put out, and some plans for future releases.

First matter of business: Southern Lands. Although this beer will still be on-tap in the tasting room for a while longer, there is only a handful of kegs left in our distributor’s inventory. Apologies for not writing about it sooner.

Anyway, Southern Lands is a 100% Brett Trois IPA featuring Centennial & Calypso hops. It is juicy, citrusy, pineappley, and delicious. It is the consensus around the brewery that Southern Lands was the best of the three 100% Brett Trois beers we made.

I believe the hops and yeast integrated and supported each other better in Southern Lands than in previous attempts, and I think the key was the Centennial. Off-setting the juiciness of the Brett Trois—which is extremely juicy, both in flavor and aroma, even though it is extremely attenuative (i.e. the resulting beer was not sweet since it had almost no residual sugar)—with citrusy hop—rather than doubling down on the juiciness with juicy hops—worked out quite well, in my view. You can find the homebrew recipe here.

Southern Lands will be our last 100% Brett Trois beer for quite some time. We thoroughly enjoyed making those three beers—Neverwhere, Roraima, and Southern Lands—but it’s now time to take the funk tank in a new direction.

And indeed we already have. A batch of Funky Lomaland is already inside said tank. It’s a modified Lomaland malt bill fermented with our Lomaland yeast blend, along with hefty doses of Brett Brux and Brett Trois.

As you’ll remember from Mike’s blog post about Neverwhere, Brett behaves completely differently in the presence of ‘normal’ beer yeast, so the goal here is to produce more ‘traditional’ funky beers. Funky Lomaland is certainly heading in that direction, with a distinct earthy, hay-like funk beginning to emerge.

Happily, Lomaland blend seems to play nicely with funk, and we’re excited to see what we can do with it. We’ll likely keep this pitch going with a series of funky saisons in the coming months, some of which will see time in red and white wine barrels.

Second matter of business: Lost Horizon, our new double IPA featuring Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe, and Calypso hops. It’s definitely on the piney/citrusy/resinous end of the spectrum, quite different from our other hoppy offerings.

And there’s a reason for that. Although I am huge fan of hops that tend towards the fruity end of the spectrum (Citra, Mosaic, Nelson, and Amarillo being my personal faves), not everyone who works at Modern Times has the same preferences.

There were calls for us to make a beer at the other end of the hop spectrum, emphasizing the above-mentioned ‘traditionally’ hoppy characteristics. Being the endlessly empathetic, magnanimous, and deeply humble boss that I am, I allowed it, and Lost Horizon is the happy result. I believe it is very, very good and an exceedingly well-made example of the style. You can find the homebrew recipe here.

We have two more hoppy beers on the agenda—Booming Rollers, a Citra-centric IPA; and Protocosmo, a TBD pale ale—but they will likely have to wait until at least January, after we’re done filling the pipeline with our core beers in Los Angeles and Orange County.

That’s all for now. Thanks, as always, for your support!

Cheers & thanks,
Jacob McKean
Modern Times Beer

Black Friday Black House Extravaganza

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This an event we've all been dreaming about since we first tasted the sweet, roasty nectar that is Black House. Hell, I've been dreaming about it since I first attended AleSmith's "Night of a Million Zillion Speedways" in 2010, a ground-breaking event that inspired some of our homebrewing experiments. And now we get to do our own little version, in our very own tasting room!

Amongst all of our beers, Black House is definitely the one that lends itself most readily to variation. We've played around with it a bit already, having tapped Black House with cocoa nibs & vanilla beans, coconut & cocoa nibs, bourbon barrel-aged coffee, and rye barrel-aged coffee. But we have a much longer list of Black House variations we're chomping at the bit to unleash on the world. And Black Friday seems like the perfect time to do it. 

So here's the deal: this coming Friday (the 29th) at 12pm sharp we'll be tapping 8 variations of Black House (along with a keg of "regular" Black House fresh off the brite tank) at the Lomaland Fermentorium. Pints will be $6 and tasters will be $2.50. Members of the League of Partygoers & Elegant People will be able to get growler fills for $10, along with early entry at 11:30am (be sure to wear your hoodie/bring your growlers!)

So without further ado, here's the list:

  1. Black House w/ toasted, shredded, unsweetened coconut & Ghanaian cocoa nibs
  2. Black House w/ Oregon sour cherries & Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean
  3. Black House w/ red jalapeno
  4. Black House w/ whole nutmeg, whole allspice, cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger root, & vanilla beans (i.e. "Pumpkin Pie Black House")
  5. Black House w/ Vermont maple syrup & Ghanaian cocoa nibs
  6. Black House w/ French light toasted oak aged on 10 year Islay scotch
  7. Black House w/ fresh cranberries, fresh thyme, & fresh rosemary (i.e. "Thanksgiving Black House")
  8. Cask: Double Coffee Black House
  9. Black House super freshly kegged

So this should be a pretty delicious Friday. We're planning to make this an annual Black Friday event featuring increasing levels of awesomeness, so here's your chance to say you went to the first one, before it was cool. Actually, it's already pretty cool. But that shouldn't stop you.

Anyway, this is going to be a blast. Hope to see you there!

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