The League of Partygoers & Elegant People: Now Accepting Acolytes!

On Nov 16, 2015 - 12 Comments -

“Throughout history, mankind has seen its share of elite, secret societies. The Knights Templar, The Illuminati, The Wu-Tang Clan, all have captured the public imagination, but none has managed to achieve the elegance, the panache, and the sheer, jaw-dropping badassery of The League Of Partygoers & Elegant People.” -L. Ron Hubbard

Originally created as a high-level reward for our 2013 Kickstarter campaign, The League of Partygoers and Elegant People (heretofore referred to as "The League") was a way for us to give a little love back to our supporters with exclusive early access to our barrel-aged and special release beers.

Now, after much toil & extensive whale breeding, we are finally able to reboot The League and open it up to a limited number of new members. We've got a ludicrous number of insanely rad beers in the pipeline, we've designed some terrifyingly sexy new League merchandise, and we've dreamed up some truly kick-ass events for our new members to enjoy. It's going to be a frickin' blast.

For their $350-plus-tax membership fee, the 400 new initiates of The League will be getting 10 extremely rare barrel-aged beers, first dibs on an extensive list of the bomb-diggityest of danksauce whales, exclusive growler fills, a saucy welcome party, advance tickets opportunities for Modern Times events, exclusive League merchandise, and much more. Memberships go on sale December 1st, 2015 at 10am. You can see the full details below—including the brain-melting beer list—and you can purchase your membership HERE.


Membership includes ten 22oz or 750ml bottles of barrel-aged beer. Anticipated beers (subject to change) are:

  • Monsters’ Park aged in Spanish brandy barrels (League exclusive)
  • Monsters’ Park aged in Nicaraguan rum barrels w/ cinnamon, cocoa nibs, chilis, & vanilla beans (i.e. Mexican Hot Chocolate Edition) (League exclusive)
  • Triple Barrel Monsters’ Park (a blend of rye, rum, & bourbon barrels) (League exclusive)
  • Monsters’ Park aged in Tennessee whiskey barrels w/ orange zest, coffee, & cocoa nibs (League exclusive)
  • Monsters’ Park aged in Barbados rum barrels w/ vanilla beans & coconut (League exclusive)
  • Realism Island (white wine barrel-aged sour blond with cherries) (League exclusive)
  • Valley of Sound (white wine barrel-aged sour blond w/ peaches) (limited availability)
  • Palace of Paper Sacks (white wine barrel-aged sour saison w/ nectarines) (limited availability)
  • School of Certain Victory (white wine barrel-aged sour saison w/ apricots) (limited availability)
  • Nautilus Harbour (white wine barrel-aged sour saison with plums) (League exclusive)

League members will have first opportunity to purchase all special releases from Modern Times for one year, beginning December 1st, 2015. Any beers that do not sell out in League sales may be made available to the general public. League members will have a 3-month pick-up window for all purchases; all pick-ups will occur at the Lomaland Fermentorium. Proxies are not permitted. Anticipated beers (subject to change):

  • Looking Backward (white wine barrel-aged sour blond) (limited availability)
  • Kingdom of Dolls (white wine barrel-aged sour saison) (limited availability)
  • Delectable Mountains (sour blond w/ kumquats- ~300 bottles available) (League exclusive)
  • Empty Hats 2015 Edition (limited availability)
  • News From Nowhere 2015 Edition (limited availability)
  • Palace of Cracked Heads 2015 Edition (limited availability)
  • Rampart Junction 2015 Edition (limited availability)
  • Oracle of the Bottle 2015 Edition (limited availability)
  • 2 or more TBD dark sour variants (League exclusives)
  • TBD dark sour 3-liter bottles (League exclusive)
  • Monsters’ Park aged in bourbon barrels (wide release)
  • Monsters’ Park aged in bourbon barrels w/ coffee (wide release)
  • Monsters’ Park aged in bourbon barrels w/ coconut & cocoa nibs (wide release)
  • Monsters’ Park aged in bourbon barrels - 1.5L bottles (extremely limited availability)
  • Monsters’ Park aged in WL Weller, Eagle Rare, Four Roses, & Old Forrester barrels (extremely limited availability of each through one retailer, otherwise League exclusive- ~250 bottles of each)
  • Symmetric Orchestra (oak-aged Brett sour, wide release)
  • Symmetric Orchestra w/ passionfruit (League exclusive)
  • Symmetric Orchestra 3L bottles (League exclusive)
  • Funky Monsters’ Park aged in bourbon barrels (League exclusive)
  • White Wine Barrel-Aged Funky Universal Friend w/ Pinot Grigio (League exclusive)
  • Monsters’ Playground (sour stout with citrus zest) (limited availability)
  • Monsters' Park aged in rye barrels with NOLA coffee (coffee, chicory, vanilla) (limited availability)
  • Devil’s Teeth aged in bourbon barrels (limited availability)
  • Devil's Teeth aged in bourbon barrels w/ bourbon barrel aged coffee (limited availability)
  • Devil's Teeth aged in bourbon barrels w/ almond, cocoa nibs and vanilla beans (limited availability)
  • Aztec Mummy (tequila barrel-aged gose) (limited availability)
  • Aztec Mummy w/ mango & guava (limited availability)
  • Monsters’ Park w/ coconut & coffee (TBD availability)
  • Neverwhere (TBD availability)
  • Asteroid Cowboy (Brett sour IPA; TBD availability)
  • Additional TBD single barrel, unique variant, and one-off opportunities

League Merchandise

  • Two 32oz League growlers, which can be filled with special release beers otherwise not available for growler fills. Beers will be listed in a regular League email newsletter.
  • League hoodie, membership card, custom glass, and challenge coin (if the challenge coin is presented to another League member who is not in possession of their challenge coin, they must buy you a beer).
  • Opportunity to purchase a League-exclusive, year-long coffee subscription module, including invites to cuppings and educational events
  • First opportunity to renew membership in 2017, including any additional tiers or add-ons


  • 2 tickets to a League welcome party on December 13th, 2015 at the Lomaland Fermentorium. Members will be able to pick-up all white wine barrel-aged sours at the welcome party, including any additional bottles purchased through a League pre-sale.
  • First opportunity to purchase tickets to Modern Times events, including festivals, Anniversary Party, Black House Black Friday, tasting room mini-fests, etc.
  • Opportunity to purchase 2 tickets to an annual League celebration
  • 2 tickets to an exclusive preview party at our forthcoming L.A. brewpub & café (i.e. The Dankness Dojo.)
  • 2 invites to an exclusive unveiling party of our new packaging hall
  • Opportunity to purchase 2 tickets to TBD educational and social events
  • Occasional ne plus ultra tours, including visits to our barrel house & QA sessions with our brewers & founder

Please Enjoy Our Fine Print

  • You must be at least 21 years old to join The League of Partygoers and Elegant People.
  • Membership is non-transferable, and includes a personalized membership card, which must be presented with ID for League events, privileges and bottle pick-ups. Proxies are not permitted. In order to pick up your bottles and League merch, you will need to show your valid photo ID; it must be your ID and the name MUST match the name on the credit card of the ticket buyer. Any sales that attempt to work around these rules will be voided.
  • All bottles must be picked up during business hours at the Modern Times Fermentorium within 3 months of purchase. Address for pickup is 3725 Greenwood St., San Diego CA 92110
  • Only purchase a League membership if you are 100% positive you can personally pick-up your bottles within the pick-up window; any bottles not picked up before the specified dates will be surrendered back to Modern Times Beer.
  • Membership valid through 12/13/2016, at which point members will have the option to renew, as well as first opportunity to purchase any additional tiers of membership.
  • Bottles and tickets obtained through membership are not for resale. Resale will result in membership cancellation. Trading is totes cool, though.
  • League growlers may be filled with any available growler fill as well as specialty, League-designated beers.
  • League growlers may only be filled by their respective owners.
  • Release dates, beers, and variations are subject to change.
  • Modern Times reserves the right to serve League Exclusive beers to the public at special events, as well as archive limited quantities for future sales and service.
  • No shipping, and again, no proxies.
  • Modern Times is not responsible for issuing refunds for beers sold to League members.
  • Each person is allowed to have a maximum of one membership. If a member is found to have multiple memberships, we reserve the right to cancel and refund the unused portion of all of that person’s memberships.
  • Modern Times retains, at its sole and unconditional discretion, the right to cancel a membership and refund a prorated portion of a member’s membership fee for any reason at any time. It’s not something we ever hope to do, but it’s a right we reserve. 
  • League Member support can be reached via