The Benefits Of Working At Modern Times

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Modern Times has only been open for two years, but our team has grown exponentially in that time. We recently pulled the curtain back on the long-term vision for Modern Times, and now we think its time to let you in on why we think Modern Times is a pretty rad place to work. Here are some of the perks and benefits of working at Modern Times:

The pay
First and foremost, we pride ourselves on paying at (and often above) an extremely competitive level, for our industry and our town. Our base pay rate on our production team is $14/hour, a cool $5 above minimum wage here in California. We realize income isn’t everything when it comes to being happy at a job, but it’s a great place to start.

Health care
For a company that is only two years old, Modern Times offers some pretty incredible medical benefits to employees. Modern Times covers 50% of medical coverage for employees AND their dependents. On top of that, we cover 100% of dental, vision, long-term disability, acupuncture and chiropractic.

UNLIMITED paid time-off
Our team works incredibly hard to make and serve kick ass beer, coffee, and merchandise. There is an inherent expectation of very hard work at Modern Times, but we also try to promote a work/life balance. Honestly, this is an area where we could stand to improve because the extremely rapid growth of the brewery has meant long hours for everyone. But we nonetheless offer unlimited paid time-off, which is an extension of our results-focused management philosophy. Basically, if you kickass at your job, we trust you to manage your time responsibly.

Long term staff benefits
Outstanding performers who stick with Modern Times for 5 years are eligible for a 2-month paid sabbatical and equity distribution. That’s a pretty amazing and uncommon benefit. Not many companies will pay you to take 2 months off, or make a share of ownership available to rock star employees. We’ll also be rolling out a 401(k) program in January.

The beer and the gear (obviously)
Lots of outstandingly delicious free beer is a humongous perk to working here. Employees are entitled to a free pint after every shift PLUS a growler a day to bring home. You read that correctly: one growler every day you work. Oh, and did we mention that employees also get one keg a year; a $250 gift card to spend on merch, event tickets, coffee, or whatever else; and 20% off merchandise and beer. We don’t mess around with beer and gear benefits. On top of those perks, employees are also frequently asked to taste the latest new & experimental beers, which is pretty rad.

The other fun and tasty perks
We recently implemented a free fruit program through Specialty Produce, which means there is ripe, seasonal organic fruit all over the place for people to eat whenever they feel like it. We also have a four-tap office kegerator, with kombucha, our delicious Modern Times cold brew coffee, sparkling mineral water, and cold filtered water on-tap that people can help themselves to throughout the day. We are all hydrated, carbonated, caffeinated and full of delicious fruit. 

The people and culture
Arguably the best perk of working for Modern Times is, to put it simply, the really rad folks that work here. We’ve managed to attract some wildly talented people, who obviously know and love good beer, but who also happen to be awesome on a human level. From the production team to the tasting room staff to the ops cartel, we’re certain that some of the best people in the industry work here, and they make this place as rad as it is. 

We’re looking forward to growing our team in the near future, so if you’re excited about working for us and experiencing some pretty sweet perks, we encourage you to keep up with our social media and blog for job openings.

Jess Morris
Admin Ninja

Our Crack Team of Brewing Ninjas

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I’m so excited I might pee a little. Why? Because I still can’t quite believe I managed to land these three guys.

Were you a journalist for a major publication wanting to write about us, you might say Modern Times is “positively stocked with an almost unbelievable combination of creativity & experience.” But, ya know, go with whatever works.

Matt Walsh has been Head Brewer at Lost Coast for the past 2 years, having been responsible for a combined ~130,000 bbls of production. He established the brewery’s quality control program, leading to a remarkably low .3% rate of returned product (including defective cooperage) during his time there. He’s also planned & procured equipment for a massive 600,000 bbl brewery expansion. Prior to Lost Coast, he served as Head Brewer at both Speakeasy Ales & Lagers and Karl Strauss Brewing. At Modern Times, Matt will be charged with ensuring that we kick out immaculate, perfectly consistent batches, along with managing the brewery’s growth & generally making sure everything hums along smoothly.

Derek Freese, Head Brewer at the beloved Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery and longtime local homebrewer, will serve as Brewer & Party Ambassador (read: he’ll manage the tasting room & do some sales stuff). Derek’s intense passion for brewing & perpetually ebullient personality will help bring sparkling sunshine & a vast array of beer styles to Modern Times. He’s a graduate of the Siebel Institute’s Concise Course in Brewing Technology, is a certified BJCP judge & Cicerone, and most impressively, has brewed 30 different recipes in the last 18 months. Additionally, Derek’s experience as Bar Manager at Monkey Paw will come in handy at Modern Times’ notably handsome & incredibly convenient tasting room.

Alex Tweet is currently a Brewer & Cask Czar at Ballast Point, and he wants everyone to know that there’s more to him than just putting weird shit in beer…that’s just surface level. Once you get to know him, he’s really all about saisons & lambics & he’s a super deep guy, so don’t be so shallow, ok? Shallow people will focus on the fact that his inventive mind is responsible for “Indra Kunindra”, a fantastic curry stout, and a self-explanatory cask called “Victory at Cereal”—utilizing Cap’n Crunch—which he created while developing Ballast Point’s specialty cask program. Aside from brewing, Alex will assist with the barrel program and a bunch of boring office crap, since he used to do corporate stuff.

What does it all mean? It means Modern Times will have the staff of my dreams: a combination of tremendous creativity & Terminator-like consistency.

Cheers & thanks for reading,
Jacob McKean

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